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1/11/09 01:26 am - wickedoll - Help?

I got Photoshop CS3 and I noticed that I dont have Render in the filters option. Is that a plugin that I need to download somewhere?

1/7/09 08:07 pm - pixiedivision - visit my art :]

1/4/09 06:06 pm - soymakesyougay - this is so frustrating

I took a bunch of pictures on new years of my friends' bands all in raw. I edited them a bit in camera raw, then converted them to jpeg. The jpeg files in Photoshop look fine, but when I view them on my computer outside of Photoshop they look like crap. The saturation and contrast goes away and the image is all dull looking. I know that when I upload them onto the internet they will still look bland and gross because this has happened before. How can I save the images in a way that preserves the color and saturation? I want them to look exactly how they look in photoshop. And it's not like the colors are all crazy and bright, they are just ordinary pictures.


12/16/08 06:26 pm - tender_venom - Astral brushes+comics (374 Kb)

Get brushes:

12/11/08 04:39 pm - 2partswater

I am trying to design my next tattoo in PS and was looking for tutorials of skin that looks like it has been ripped or torn open. Has anyone seen one?

12/10/08 08:47 pm - tarhisie - Border around images?

There's an annoying border and little gray squares around images in Photoshop. This happens sometimes when I accidentally hit a key, but then I never know what I did, and therefore, how to get rid of it.

Example: Picture under cutCollapse )

How do I get rid of that? Thank so much :) (Also, what's the point of it?)

12/9/08 02:21 am - dearlennon - definitely having a problem here

I had ps cs3 extended version, only every time I'd try to save something I'd made no matter what I'd save it as, the file would save empty and there'd be nothing there. I'd do a search for the file name and it'd show that it was there but it'd have a file size of 0. So I got photoshop off of my old computer, I had photoshop 7 and it still should work because I know a few friends who run it with vista like I do and it's fine. I unzipped the folder I had it in when I transferred it to this computer and when I opened the exe application it would bring up the huge grey area and then give me an error saying it couldn't open because it was missing personalized material or data or something. What...do I do? Is there anyway to fix this? It's boggling my mind, I've never had this type of problem before. I'm working on a new computer, this is the first time I've used vista but the computer itself came with no photo editing program, so I kind of have to have my photoshop :[

12/4/08 09:39 pm - llbreedll

( RETICENT - click for full view )

10/19/08 05:43 pm - stayxclassy - photoshop 7

I have PS7 and somehow it doesn't want to open anymore because the scratch discs are full. I did change the locations of it because I had some problems with it, but I can't change them back anymore because it doesn't open anymore at all :/ does anyone know what to do?

10/9/08 09:51 pm - umi_soko - Help anyone?

I installed Photoshop CS on my computer some time ago, and though I didnt need it much it worked fine. I've suddenly had a need to use it, computer classes, and find that it freezes on startup. I should mention I have Windows vista. I've tried holding Alt, CTRL and SHIFT down at startup to reset the preferences - as a few places have said. But that doesnt seem to work. Though I will admit the tool bar STARTS to pop up before it freezes and the horrible "Not responding" message comes about.

I havent been able to find anything on how to fix this,
Any help?

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