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At work, we have a major marketing project we're working on. We have to make a doublesided, 350 dpi, CMYK flyer/brochure/postcard for distribution.

That isn't the problem.

I petitioned my supervisors to allow me to install my copy of Photoshop CS2 on the company computer so I could make a file that would be acceptable for our needs. They allowed me to do so.

Here's where the problem comes into effect.

Before installing photoshop, I had no problem accessing the files on my manager's computer (we are connected via a local network, though I access this through the wifi). I could get into the site's documents easily. I had never been denied access.

After installing photoshop and creating documents to work with, I stored them on my manager's computer in the file tree. That was proper protocol. So, I would work the file, and all was well. Occasionally, though (probably about 2 to 3 times) I would go to save the file, photoshop would crash... and when I tried to reload the file, it wouldn't work. After some fishing I ctrl-alt-shift'ed on booting of photoshop to delete the corrupted settings file, but found that to load the files (and regain access to my manager's file tree), I had to restart her computer.

Ok, fine, right? So I'd reboot her, all was well. We isntalled SP3 for XP over the weekend on both this PC and her PC. This morning, I came into work and started working on the postcard draft in photoshop. I accessed her documents just fine to load the file. As I started working it, however, I went to save it... photoshop crashed. I thought, well, must be her connection. I had to ctrl-alt-delete close photoshop, and had my manager reboot her PC.

No avail; I couldn't access her documents anymore. I rebooted my PC; no go. Still can't access her file tree.

She needs her computer vitally all day today (month end HAS to be done today) but I am dead in the water on ANY work I need to do as all the files I need are stored in the network file tree on her computer.

Problem is, I accessed it just fine this morning which was post SP3 installation, so I wouldn't think that SP3 had anything to do with this hiccup. The only thing I can think of is that somehow, photoshop corrupted something with our connection and now I can't access the network files; perhaps my manager's computer couldn't store the massive PSD files and it corrupted during saving, and perhaps her computer disconnected the network connection because of the save error?

I'm asking this here because if any of you have used photoshop and had a network connection to another computer where your files were stored, have you had this problem?

I've tried looking in adobe support and also googling the issue to no avail- no appropriate results come up. I've google searched being denied access to my manager's files but we're not connected via cables, we're connected via wifi, so their fixes don't necessarily apply.

If photoshop has to be uninstalled to fix it, we can do that. Help?

Mods-- if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete- I have only posted this in my personal journal besides here. I thought I might get some useful feedback here. :)
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