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9/15/10 12:43 am - sasking - Blending in Photoshop

A few years ago I posted in this community about blending. I received great feedback, and learned a wonderful way to do it. All I know is that it used the marquee tool, much feathering and tapping something to fade it away until it blended. I found it to be the best way and haven't liked any other kind of blending since then.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It didn't require masks or gradient maps. Back then I had photoshop 7, but now I have CS3. I don't think the difference would be that much... at least I hope not.

6/25/10 03:45 am - theironrose - Small big problem - need help!

Hello guys. I've been using photoshop for a while now, and I got a 'new' pc, so I got Photoshop CS2, but after one or two uses, it started acting up. Everything I selected didn't work anymore- everything turned into the Hand Tool. So, now I've tried CS4 Extended, but the same problem popped up. Anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? It's driving me mad!

5/11/10 02:56 pm - dveryaskin - Открытки, для фотомонтажа в программе фотошоп для фотостудий

Выкладываю на всеобщее скачивание виртуальные костюмы для фотомонтажа в программе Photoshop CS4.

фотомонтаж, коллаж

Скачать эту Виньетку для фотомонтажа под Photoshop CS4

Качайте еще фоторамки, календари с сайтов www.photoshablon.com и www.photoramka.com. Пишите, выложу ссылки еще.


6/9/09 08:10 pm - fashion_lives

more at vintage_glam_2 

4/6/09 08:24 pm - silkfetus - Sizing Images

I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I've been having regarding sizing images with Photoshop for a long time. It seems like it should be extremely simple but I just cannot figure this out. For example, I want to make some ACEOs, which are supposed to be 2.5 x 3.5 inches and I want them to print at this size.

So I have left the resolution at the standard 72 pixels/inch so that it will print at 100%. But when I enter the values 2.5 x 3.5 for width and height in inches into their respective boxes I get something that is actually much smaller. I tried measuring it with a ruler on my monitor and it actually measures roughly 1.7 x 2.7 inches. This happens with all values. No matter what numbers I enter, the result is smaller than it should be. Why does this happen?

After much messing around and holding up a standrad playing card (which measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches) to my monitor it seems that in order for the correct print size to appear at 72 pixels/inch resolution on the monitor the values for width and height need to be set at 281 x 395 pixels or 3.903 x 5.486 inches. This does not make any sense to me. While I can get by with just using these values for my current project, I would really like to solve this problem. I would like to know why Photoshop behaves this way and how I can get the printing size I want with varying resolutions. I want to be able to type a given value into its box and have the image appear at that size.

Is there a simple math equation to solve this problem? Do I just need to change the resolution? What is going on? This is driving me crazy.

Please help!

Cross posted in art_skill_trade and photoshoppe.

3/13/09 01:24 am - fashion_lives - Irving Penn, 1949


смотреть дальше на         vintage_glam_2 

more beautiful photography at vintage_glam_2 







2/2/09 11:31 am - rileycostello - Uh-oh.

At work, we have a major marketing project we're working on. We have to make a doublesided, 350 dpi, CMYK flyer/brochure/postcard for distribution.

That isn't the problem.

I petitioned my supervisors to allow me to install my copy of Photoshop CS2 on the company computer so I could make a file that would be acceptable for our needs. They allowed me to do so.

Here's where the problem comes into effect.

Before installing photoshop, I had no problem accessing the files on my manager's computer (we are connected via a local network, though I access this through the wifi). I could get into the site's documents easily. I had never been denied access.

After installing photoshop and creating documents to work with, I stored them on my manager's computer in the file tree. That was proper protocol. So, I would work the file, and all was well. Occasionally, though (probably about 2 to 3 times) I would go to save the file, photoshop would crash... and when I tried to reload the file, it wouldn't work. After some fishing I ctrl-alt-shift'ed on booting of photoshop to delete the corrupted settings file, but found that to load the files (and regain access to my manager's file tree), I had to restart her computer.

Ok, fine, right? So I'd reboot her, all was well. We isntalled SP3 for XP over the weekend on both this PC and her PC. This morning, I came into work and started working on the postcard draft in photoshop. I accessed her documents just fine to load the file. As I started working it, however, I went to save it... photoshop crashed. I thought, well, must be her connection. I had to ctrl-alt-delete close photoshop, and had my manager reboot her PC.

No avail; I couldn't access her documents anymore. I rebooted my PC; no go. Still can't access her file tree.

She needs her computer vitally all day today (month end HAS to be done today) but I am dead in the water on ANY work I need to do as all the files I need are stored in the network file tree on her computer.

Problem is, I accessed it just fine this morning which was post SP3 installation, so I wouldn't think that SP3 had anything to do with this hiccup. The only thing I can think of is that somehow, photoshop corrupted something with our connection and now I can't access the network files; perhaps my manager's computer couldn't store the massive PSD files and it corrupted during saving, and perhaps her computer disconnected the network connection because of the save error?

I'm asking this here because if any of you have used photoshop and had a network connection to another computer where your files were stored, have you had this problem?

I've tried looking in adobe support and also googling the issue to no avail- no appropriate results come up. I've google searched being denied access to my manager's files but we're not connected via cables, we're connected via wifi, so their fixes don't necessarily apply.

If photoshop has to be uninstalled to fix it, we can do that. Help?

Mods-- if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete- I have only posted this in my personal journal besides here. I thought I might get some useful feedback here. :)

1/31/09 08:02 pm - my_art_space - James Rosenquist says, "Painting is done with a Paintbrush"

Intellect Seeking a Worm Hole, Oil on canvas with mirror, 66 x 59 inches (167.5 x 149.9 cm), 2007. By James Rosenquist

An HBO film crew was recently on hand for an event at the Miami Art Museum. Their focus-- a lesson by James Rosenquist. Those in attendance observed as Rosenquist turned a blank canvas into a study of color. The 74 year old Pop Art titan, as labeled by the Miami Herald, displayed painting techniques as onlookers-- including 28 art students selected by the youngARTS program of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts-- observed the artist in action.

Read more: http://www.myartspace.com/blog/2009/01/james-rosenquist-painting-is-done-with.html

1/31/09 12:30 am - smappdooda - Anyone else...

Seen this site?


1/11/09 04:39 pm - smappdooda - CS4...

Anyone have it? What do you think? Is the new stuff worth the upgrade?

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